Evidence Synthesis Team

A day in the life of… the EST


So you’ve found yourself on our brand new shiny blog… and now you’re wondering who we are and what we do… right?

Here’s a snapshot of a typical day in the life of the team.

9.00 First things first… the coffee pot!  We are super lucky to have a coffee aficionado and wife of a coffee roaster (crankhousecoffee.co.uk) in the team so we know our coffee and it is always a treat.

10.00 Jo and Morwenna head off to meet a group of researchers wondering about how to go about scoping for a systematic review.  Lots of discussion about the scope of the research, possible search terms and sources and the need to go beyond electronic databases to identify the sort of evidence that they will need to address their question.  Hopefully we’ve given them food for thought and not added too much to their confusion.

11.00 Becca, Jo, Ilianna and Noreen meet for a quick update on progress with the qualitative synthesis of our review of dissemination and implementation in dementia care (otherwise known as DEIRDRE). Noreen has been with the team for just three weeks and we are already wondering how we managed without her qualitative synthesis expertise!

We’re not the only ones getting the steps in!

12.00 and time for a quick dash across the road to our favourite supermarket for a sandwich and a free coffee (and possibly oodles of marmite crisps).  It’s good to get out into the sunshine and we take the long way back, circling the quad a few times to add some steps to the daily total.

At 12.30 we settle down in the kitchen area for our weekly team meeting.  There are 10 researchers in the team and this is an opportunity to share what we’ve been doing, ask for help/advice about upcoming events and generally catch-up.  This week we’re all there apart from Darren who’s on leave having got married on Saturday (congratulations Darren!).

Lots to catch up on this week with Alison and Morwenna having returned from the Health Libraries Group conference in Scarborough, Jo, Becca and Ilianna reporting back from the Society for Social Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting in York and Michael and Liz filling us in on their recent trip to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to meet with the Children and Young People’s Group of our HTA project on mental health and long term physical conditions (otherwise known as #tlc4ltc).

Scarborough was a little grey at times…
… but they gave us a stick of rock!
No trip to London is complete without a chat with Paddington!
Becca and Ilianna enjoy a stroll on York city walls

Becky gives us feedback from a Discussion Forum to consider how to run our 2017 series of Creative Communication seminars – lots of exciting ideas! On the horizon is the next round of prioritisation for PenCLAHRC – we have an integral role in managing the prioritisation process; diary dates and preparatory plans were agreed.  We’ll also be teaching on the MSc in Applied Health Services Research in November so thinking about course content and volunteers for delivery is also on the agenda.  And of course we also talked about this blog and whether we were finally ready to take the plunge.

1.30 Becca makes the most of a moment of calm to check in with one of the journals in her role as associate editor and re-send a paper out for review.

2.00 Sadly one of our room-mates is soon to leave us to travel to Australia to study for her PhD.  We are all very sad to see her go but go she must (so she tells us!).  Definitely an occasion for cake… and what a cake we had… filled with fruit, chocolate, cream and an unidentified (but delicious) yellow custard… lots of fun and laughter too and catching up with colleagues who we don’t bump into every day.  This is the first of many ‘leaving’ events so we can expect more cake (and cocktails!) over the next few weeks.

Cake is a very serious business in the EST!

3.00 Michael, Jo and Liz met to discuss the arrangements and agenda for the upcoming whole team meeting for the #tlc4ltc project.  This project is at about the half way mark with lots of preliminary results in both the quantitative and qualitative reviews. We are keen to share them with our clinical collaborators from UCL and Great Ormond Street Hospital and discuss next steps – it’s going to be a busy meeting.

4.00 Finally time to catch up with emails, check into Twitter, work on our presentations and finalise travel arrangements for #WWGS2016 and drink tea before heading home!  Hopefully tomorrow won’t be quite so busy and we can get on with some actual reviewing.