Last week Jo Thompson Coon together with Harriet Hunt from the Exeter Test Group and Linda Long from PenTAG travelled to Seoul in South Korea for the 24th Cochrane Colloquium.  What followed was five action-packed days of thought-provoking plenaries, inspiring long and short oral presentations and posters, really useful and practical workshops and much delicious food.  Alongside the formal content of the colloquium were many opportunities for conversation, catching up with old friends and making new, exploring the vibrant and fascinating city of Seoul and enjoying the ever-present hospitality of South Korea.

This is a collective summary of our reflections on what we learned at #CochraneSeoul…

#1 Change is happening.


#2 Automation of evidence synthesis is also happening… and will give us more time to think


#3 There is a great appetite for making the treasure contained within the Cochrane Library more accessible, useful and useable by an ever increasing audience.  Gone are the days when producing good work and parking it in the library is the end of the story.  This was highlighted and explored in workshops on dissemination, infographics and translation.  As methodologists is it time to be less precious about communicating our method and just get the message out?

#4 There is lots of fabulous work going on in mixed methods synthesis – we need to work together to develop methods to make the most of all the available evidence.

#5 When morning is night and night is morning, @crankhouseroast coffee is always welcome.

#5 Information Specialists are our favourite group of people to work with within the evidence ecosystem and those within the Cochrane Collaboration are no different – positive thinking, problem solving, engaging people who deserve far more recognition for their contribution.


#6 The new Cochrane Global Aging group is definitely one to watch…


#7 Discussions that happen outside of the formal sessions are often the most rewarding – time and space within the colloquium schedule for these to happen is essential – as is the accompanying liquid.

#8 Seoul is a beautiful city.  The food is wonderful.  The people are extremely friendly.  There are surprises on every corner.  If you ever have an opportunity to visit – take it!