A guest blog by Dr Tamsin Newlove Delgado

TNDWhen I first moved into research on a clinical academic placement, I was advised to spend some time with the EST, and “get involved in a review”. Excellent advice! At the time, protocols were being drawn up to carry out three linked Cochrane Systematic Reviews on recurrent abdominal pain (RAP), a condition which is common in children, and so this was a great opportunity to get involved, working with the team on all three reviews and eventually taking the lead on the review on dietary interventions.


Working with EST has led me into some unexpected situations. For example, a 4am alarm call to allow me to caffeinate myself in time to discuss probiotics for recurrent abdominal pain in children live on Australian radio on a prime drive-time slot.

Child 1

This was decidedly outside what I would define as my area of expertise, as a child mental health researcher with a background in public health and psychiatry, but this is where working with the EST can take you! (Be warned…)

I really appreciated the good humour and patience of the team (and my cat chats with Becca) over the very extended gestation period of the reviews.

This was longer than my PhD, with the final review published in 2017.  We had been working together so long that I was actually quite sorry when the project ended, and really missed them! So, through this blog, I would like to wish the EST a very happy 10th birthday, and that they continue to go from strength to strength. And also, I will be looking hard to find some more opportunities to work together in the future.

Happy Birthday EST!

EST jumping