This week we’ve been revisiting our work in health service delivery… we also celebrated our birthday with tea and cake!

Monday was all about our PaReNt project – a mixed methods systematic review funded by the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme which we completed almost a year ago.  The review considered the qualitative and quantitative evidence for parent-to-parent support for parents of babies in neonatal care.

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We benefited from the wisdom of some great parents and clinicians throughout the project.  Kate Boddy reflected on the experience of working with our parent advisory group in a guest blog.   We also thoroughly enjoyed working with Rae Goddard who attended our final project meetings and created live drawings of our discussions. These graphics have now been printed on postcards and delivered to neonatal units around the UK.

On Tuesday, we revisited our work on the use of patient initiated clinics in secondary care.  A topic that arose from a clinician facing uncertainty as to the best model for providing routine outpatient care for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The issue is beautifully captured in this video featuring the lovely Vicki Goodwin.

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This review led to further work with Derriford Hospital including an implementation study and the development of a DIY toolkit and we have also conducted a Cochrane Review which is due for publication in 2020.


We also shared the findings of a systematic review published in 2013 on the use of telephone consultation follow-up after routine surgery.

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On Wednesday, we shared the findings from a more recent review conducted with colleagues in Plymouth and Truro on social prescribing. If you are interested in reading more, Kerryn Husk and Becca Lovell have both written fascinating blogs based on this review.

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And… on Wednesday, we hosted a birthday party in Exeter… it was great to see so many people and to share copious amounts of cake with them.  We raised a total of £78.40 for the local charity Young Devon, that has been supporting young people across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay for 70 years and is passionate about helping young people thrive.  We also asked our guests to write a Postcard of Kindness to send to care home residents across the UK.


Thursday was all about diagnostic testing.  Two systematic reviews concerned with thyroid function testing and a third on the diagnostic accuracy of troponin assay tests.

And finally, we’d like say a HUGE thank you to all our collaborators – it has been a complete pleasure to work with so many people from different and varied backgrounds on this set of systematic reviews.

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Full list of publications:

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