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Read all about it: ‘Las Robomascatos’! and ‘Rise of the robopets’…

Last week, our systematic review of the experiences and effects of robopets for older adults living in residential care was published in the International Journal of Older People Nursing. We had always thought that there could be some media interest... Continue Reading →


Collaboration in research: reflections on reciprocity

A guest blog from Kate Boddy, Research Fellow in Patient and Public Involvement... We raise our glasses to toast the completion of the PaReNt study (Hunt 2019). We are celebrating the success of the study by taking the parent advisory... Continue Reading →

A tale of the unexpected and the unexplored

She sat there in a pre-Christmas haze watching the tweets cascade off the bottom of her phone. One of them suddenly attracted her attention: Evidence Synthesis Hackathon   It brought back memories of the CEE conference from spring 2018 when... Continue Reading →

Tri yn mynd ar antur yn y gwanwyn

Last week Jo, Michael and Vicki travelled to the beautiful city of Cardiff for the British Geriatric Society Spring Meeting armed with posters and a desire to share and learn. We had a fabulous time, hugely aided by the friendly... Continue Reading →

“Normal for NICU” – reflections on attending the Neonatal Society Spring Meeting

An early start on Friday 15th March for Harriet and Becca who attended the Neonatal Society Spring Meeting to present their findings from the PaReNt project, a systematic review of neonatal parent to parent peer support. The meeting was held... Continue Reading →

The 12 days of EST-mas: A postscript

If you've been following our Christmas blog and enjoyed the song - you'll know that we've spent time reflecting on 2018 and celebrating the things that went well; papers published, conferences attended, workshops given etc.  But of course this is not the... Continue Reading →

Counting down to Christmas…

As we career towards the end of the year, amidst the parties, the shopping and the flurry of preparations for the festive season, we're taking a moment to reflect on all that has happened in 2018.  It wouldn't be Christmas... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, our band of merry synthesisers set off on a journey to a faraway land.  They had heard of a gathering, in a place called Eydin, where some of the most talented synthesisers in all the world... Continue Reading →

Evidence actually…….is all around

Last week Becca Abbott was invited to attend a meeting hosted by @CochranePAPAS on Paediatric Pain at the Wellcome Building in London. The meeting, ‘Chronic pain in childhood, time for change; Evidence, policy, and practice in paediatric pain’, brought together many... Continue Reading →

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